F a t i m a Y o u n g

Fatima was born in Europe and is of Russian heritage.  She received degrees at the Fashion Institute of Technology and C.W. Post University in New York. The Russian Impressionists captured her interest early on.
After a 25 year hiatus -- raising her son and making a career in magazine publishing, Fatima returned to her love of art. Oil painting became her medium. Whether it was taking workshops on Impressionism, or traveling to Europe to sketch and paint, she immersed herself in the journey.          
In the tradition of certain Russian Impressionists, Fatima uses the palette knife and bold contrast of color in her work. The canvas becomes an interpretation of her internal vision and raw spontaneity. She enjoys letting her subconscious play around on the canvas capturing the essence of her inner feelings.
Love of the outdoors draws Fatima to Plein Air painting, mostly countryside and water scenes. However, she also enjoys painting still lifes and portraits in her studio.
Fatima’s dream is to someday spend some time in Europe and soak in the illustrious art of its impressionists.  In the meantime, she pushes the envelope into abstraction, always seeking to grow her skill as a painter.
Though Fatima travels a great deal, she calls the Northwest her home.






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