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Hi Fatima Love your painting. How are you? Hugs, Patti Aberlich
-- Patti Aberlich, 5/24/21

As a fellow zhibit artist I was drawn to your site. I find your work to be exquisite. I especially love your land and seascapes. I am so glad you now have time to paint.
-- Mark Kertzman, 9/6/19

Love your technique Fatima. Your colors are fabulous. If you have teach I would like to take. If you don’t could you recommend someone to me. I have painted acrylic and watercolor and now want to start in water based oil.
-- Jeri Quinn, 8/27/18

Ohhh, Fatima, I LOVE your paintings! They are filled with positive energy.
-- Jerry Finn, 8/2/18

Dear Fatima, How lovely your work is! My but you are talented. Glad to see you growing and painting. I hope you are doing well and loving life. Sad that Dianna Shyne is no longer teaching in Stanwood. Sounds like her new place in Portland is awesome though. Enjoyed your web site too! Robin
-- Robina Lindsay, 6/26/18

I love your style it is very soothing. Beautiful work.
-- Kathy Baker, 5/23/18

-- Lachlanlewandowski@inbox.Com, 8/26/17

Just checked out some your paintings on your site. Love them all.
-- Bill Crago, 10/2/14

Fatima - I am totally amazed at your work! Like many others, had no idea you were such a marvelous artist!
-- Barb Young, 1/13/14

I saw one of your paintings on the Zhibit facebook page. I love your paintings.
-- Mark Kertzman, 7/6/13

Beautiful work. Keep it up.
-- Gary Nelson Sr, 4/4/13

Fatima, First time I've seen your website and I was moved to tears! I had no idea you have painted this much and you keep getting better and better. You are a most amazing person and I love and miss you. Dorothy
-- Dorothy Friedlander, 8/17/12

Your spectacular artist. 3 of your paintings live full in our home.
-- Sondra Peters, 4/8/12

Your paintings are very nice! Your joy and passion for this world shines through each and every one.
-- Melanie Serroels, 3/29/12

Fatima, We feel absolutely privileged to have one of your paintings hanging in our home. We love you and your work!
-- Bill Williams, 3/27/12

Fatima, I am just blown away ! You are truly talented. I had no idea and Claus would have been so proud of you. I love so many, most alreadt sold, but I will keep looking. PDM
-- Pauline Mroczynski, 12/26/11

Fatima, I always knew you were talented, but I never knew how talented you reaaly were.Your artwork is terrific, indeed.
-- Claus Fuchs, 12/22/11

fantastic collection Fatima. :)
-- Janet Abe, 12/20/11

Fatima, your paintings are a wonderful revelation. I had no idea working with you all these years that you harbored this additional talent.
-- Louise Phillips, 12/14/11

your work is lovely Fatima, I had no idea. Your collecting is stunning.
-- Peggie Terry, 12/12/11